SA-5 Saturn I (1:59) Acknowledgments

The success of the 2008 Model at NARAM-50 is due in part to a number of helpful people.  Many thanks to:

  • Jess for priming, painting, mold-making, casting, chute-manufacture, making the transport box, video recording, and lots of general assistance and encouragement;
  • Kevin Johnson for help in Spider R&D, nagging me into getting finished, and helping prep the model at NARAM;
  • John Pursley for seemingly endless emails discussing various techniques, especially RC staging/ejection, and the use of Trim Monokote;
  • Jay Marsh for his input on “mitered” tank tube construction;
  • Bob Biedron for helping out at the first boilerplate flight, for suggesting I talk to Jay Marsh, and for his input on RC gear;
  • Several SEVRA or Vikings members, such as Pete Covell, Scott Brown, Bruce Sexton, Tom Lyon, and Dan Wheeler, for helping out during boilerplate flights (Tom also helped at NARAM).  Thanks also to Eric Fadely, Bruce Sexton, and Tim Callender for taking photos during boilerplate flights.

And thank all of you who have provided images or video of the NARAM-50 flight– Bob Sanford, George Gassaway, John Cieslak, Marc McReynolds, and Mark Chrumka.

I hope I have not missed anyone…

I hope this series of Saturn I project pages will inspire many who enjoy scale model rocketry.  Thanks for viewing!


Josh Tschirhart
Nov 22, 2008