We specialize in building and flying scale models of rocket vehicles for NAR competition, as well as CAD Design and Technical Illustration. We have some 3D printed scale model parts available via Shapeways and others in the R&D phase, so be sure to check back with us!

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  • 4-H Rocket Camp 2013 & 2014   10/14/2014  
    During the first week of July, Jess and I taught a 4-H rocket camp for the second year in a row, and it was a big success.  This year we had three days of classroom time, and with simpler kits to build (Alpha III), we had plenty of time to fit in extra activities and ...
  • 1:72 and 1:70 H-1 Engine Sets   8/2/2014  
    We’re happy to announce our latest 3D-printed parts available via Shapeways:  Sets of H-1 Engines in 1:72 and 1:70 scale.  Both early and later versions of the central flame shield / inboard turbine exhaust designs are represented alongside a common outboard engine design.  Links below.  Be sure to check out various photos of 1:72 scale ...
  • Quick Tip: Engine Blocks and Hooks   7/10/2014  
    Always use engine blocks with engine hooks. I have never felt comfortable with the idea of hook-only motor retention, but I didn’t have clear rationale behind my concerns until now.  On launch day of rocket camp 2014, one of our students inadvertently pushed his engine (along with the hook!) too far into his Alpha III while ...
  • Images Added to netfabb Tips for STL Fixing   6/14/2014  
    For those of you interested in designing your own scale model parts and printing them yourself or uploading them to a service such as Shapeways, I finally finished a post of tips-and-tricks for file repair in netfabb Studio Basic (free).  There is some mention of TurboCAD-specific settings, but most of the post should be relevant ...

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Spacemodeling Rocketry R&D CAD Design
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