J-2 Engines for sale in 1:72 & 1:70 Scale (Updated)

Design Update (1:72 & 1:70)

The latest design for the J-2 Engines in 1:72 and 1:70 scale is identical to the original, but the 3D model is now printed in two pieces for easier finishing.  Note the addition of sprue material that will have to be removed for assembly.  (Lower sprue is only partially removed to preserve studs for attachment.  Upper sprue should be removed after assembly to limit flexibility.)

See our shop for J-2 engines in various sizes and additional scale model parts!

Original Post Feb 11, 2014:

John Love recently purchased a set of our J-2 engines from Shapeways for his 1:72 Saturn V model project.  Check them out!

johnlovej2 J-2 Engine (3D printed) in 1:72 scale
See also the product pages on Shapeways:

Set of 3 J-2 Engines

Single J-2

We have J-2 engines in other scales as well.  Check out additional products in our shop.