SA-5 Saturn I (1:165)

Peanut Sport Scale Model -- Only 11.8" Tall!

This scale model of the SA-5 Saturn I uses cast polyurethane resin parts for the interstage shroud, fins, details, and nose.  The clustered tank tubes were custom wound around a brass tube.  The decals were drawn in TurboCAD and printed onto clear decal stock using both a laser printer and an ALPS MD-5000 printer.

The model flew on an A10-3T motor with a piston launcher.  Total weight with parachute and motor was about 2.5 oz at liftoff.  The flight ended up lower than anticipated because of premature separation from the piston, but the altitude was sufficient, nonetheless, and it won 1st place in C Division at ECRM-30 in Middletown, Maryland.

I was pleased at how the model turned out, but I built it in this scale simply because of the 30 cm length (or 2 cm diameter) constraints of the Peanut Scale event.  I would prefer to build larger models of the Saturn I.  See also the page for the 1:59 scale Saturn I project.

UPDATE:  In 2009, the little SA-5 flew at NARAM-51 to a Team Division 1st Place in Peanut Sport Scale.  Jess and I were not able to make the trip to Pennsylvania that year, so Kevin Johnson entered and flew the model for the team.

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