Alexa, turn on the outside lights...
Ok Google, please turn on the outside lights...

Is Anyone Listening?

If you're using Universal Powerline Bus (UPB) devices, you've struggled til now to get the major voice assistants — Amazon Alexa and Google Home — to control your home. There has been no simple, easy to install, reliable method of connecting these voice assistants to your UPB devices.

Until now...

VoiceUPB Bridge is a small footprint device designed to provide a connection between your voice assistant and UPB.

The VoiceUPB Bridge is an all-in-one hardware and software solution for your home. Connect it, configure with an easy to use application, and then control your UPB devices through Amazon Alexa or Google Home. UPB switches and modules manufactured by Powerline Control Systems (PCS), Simply Automated (SAI), Web Mountain, and HAI-Leviton are all supported.

Installation and configuration of the Bridge is fast and easy. Just give the bridge access to your home network via ethernet (or wifi with some additional configuration), plug in the Bridge AC power adapter and the USB PIM (included). Connect the USB PIM to the Bridge with its cable, and you're ready to configure the device through our easy to use, well-documented application.

Installation and running the Bridge is easy, and we've included thorough documentation to help you along!


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Powerful & Simple

VoiceUPB Bridge is a complete solution. It includes everything you need to connect your existing voice assistant to your UPB-driven home control network. It's just what you've been looking for.

  • Amazon Alexa and Google Home

    The VoiceUPB Bridge speaks both Amazonese and Googlian. If you ever decide to switch to a different voice assistant, just add the VoiceUPB Bridge and your entire home will come right along with you.

    New In V3: As an option on purchase, the Bridge can be configured to support Apple HomeKit and Siri.

  • Device and Scene Support

    Command individual devices, or assign voice controls to your existing scenes and control multiple devices at the same time. Our simple-to-use app lets you map your voice to your home however you'd like.

    New In V3: Optional command confirmation on device control. Be confident when controlling devices remotely.

  • Rapid Set-up

    All the hardware you need to connect VoiceUPB Bridge with your existing voice assistant and UPB system comes in the box. Most users report being up and running in less than a half-hour.

    New In V3: No port forwarding needed.

  • Voice Command Configuration

    Start with your network file, or scan your UPB network for devices, then choose names for the devices and scenes to control. Updating as your UPB installation expands is as easy as running the app again.

    New In V3: Reload an updated UPB file with new or changed devices and scenes and not lose any existing configuration.

  • Device and Scene Scheduler

    New in V3: Autonomous scheduler for devices and scenes with sunrise/sunset determined by location. An extra feature for installations that lack another scheduler.

  • For the Installer

    New in V3: Make a local backup of all Bridge settings and restore if needed in the unlikely event the Bridge hardware needs to be updated. Remotely check for proper PIM connection.

  • Thorough Documentation

    We've gone to lengths to be thorough in the documentation. We've included tips and suggestions along with everything you should need to know to get the most out of your Voice UPB Bridge.

  • Getting Help

    If you can't find an answer in the documentation (and you did check the docs first, right?), reach out. Our support desk is ready to help via email and, unlike others, we won't make you wait a week for an answer.

You Ready?

Command your house with your voice for just $650

See purchase page for details.
UPB Installers, contact us for information on installer and quantity purchasing.

  • I was up and controlling my lights with my voice in less than 30 minutes. I’ve been waiting for this solution for a long time and I’m pleased with what I’ve seen.

    Randy R

    Beta Tester
  • Setup was straightforward, and the instructions were clear and well-written. The hardest part was coming up with unique names for all my scenes and devices!

    Andrew H

    Beta Tester
  • Finally, simple voice control for UPB devices! Installation is simple and straightforward with network discovery or by loading a .upb file. Can’t wait to let my clients know about VoiceUPB Bridge!

    Alan P


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