CAD Portfolio

The 3D models and 2D drawings on this page were developed using various CAD programs, including TurboCAD Pro, Pro/Engineer Wildfire (Creo Elements/Pro), and Autodesk Inventor.  Some images show post-render editing.

CAD 280 “Capstone” Project (2011)

Here are a few renderings from my 16-week CAD 280 “Capstone” Project class in which I used Autodesk Inventor to model a redesigned version of my Saturn I flying scale model plus launch pad and updated PVC Spider.  See also this PDF file (right-hand drawing) for 2D assembly and exploded views which accompanied the project).

Note the inclusion of the cover of Thomas Nelson Community College’s CADD brochure, which employs one of my renderings as primary graphic.

Hi_Hat_FinalDrawingSet_sm Hi-Hat_Stand CAD 211 (Autodesk Inventor) Final Project (2011)

I chose to model my Pearl hi hat stand as a final project for my Autodesk Inventor class.  Unlike the CAD 280 class, I had to include orthographic views of every part, along with the assembly and exploded views (see right-hand drawing for PDF file).

SA-5_TheBusinessEnd 1st Place Winner of the TurboCAD Challenge (2010)

My winning entry for the 2010 TurboCAD Challenge is a rendering of a Saturn I tail section modeled at full scale.  The embossed rivet patterns and panels are done using a wrapped 2D image for a “bump” map.  The version shown here corrects a blurry area (at the SA-5 text) caused by an error during the original rendering process.  No post-render editing.

Miscellaneous Projects

Spacemodeling Rocketry R&D CAD Design
Spacemodeling Rocketry R&D CAD Design
Spacemodeling Rocketry R&D CAD Design