Web Updates 7/3/12

I am still making minor adjustments to the Meatball Rocketry web content to bring things up to speed.  Some interesting items:

  1. I just added a PDF version of the 2005 R&D report on the PVC Spider, to replace the HTML version that was previously available.  (link)
  2. I finally got around to publishing a brief Scale Data article regarding Nike motors. (link)
  3. Along with the Nike Data post is a series of photos of the Nike-Orion at the Virginia Air and Space Center documenting the stenciled lettering style used on the Nike motor.  (link)
  4. And some additional new content that is a bit less recent, I added the series of photos of the WSMR Aerobee 350 taken by Peter Hughes in 2007 (link)…
  5. …as well as some excellent Iris scale data and photos provided by Chris Timm (link) (Chris’s collection came from Richard Morrow, and Brian Nicklas, and through correspondence with Atlantic Research Corporation).  There are also some Iris photos from a couple of my visits to GSFC’s Visitor Center.