Shapeways Test — NC-5

I wanted to order a test print from Shapeways using their popular White Strong & Flexible (WSF) material to see just how visible the powder grain and print layers are for a small nose cone with a little bit of detail.  See some close-up shots of the grain below.  The cone pictured is a BT-5 downscale of the classic Attack Craft Orion and Manta Bomber nose (the original kits are based on the BT-50).

Click here for a page with graphic and links to 3D-printed nose cones ranging from BT-5 (.543″ dia.) scale to BT-80 (2.6″ scale).

Note that other materials may be more appropriate for such a small cone, including a polished version of the WSF (see this page), as well as Frosted Detail and Frosted Ultra Detail (see this page).