Nike-Orion Photos

Virginia Air and Space Center, Hampton, Virginia (2011 & 2012)

UPDATED 11-26-2014 With gallery of Orion stage.

The following photos were taken primarily to document the style of the stenciled lettering on the Nike M5E1 motor.  Some fin detail photos are also included.  Note the extra metal band at the top of the Nike’s forward flange (probably not part of any flight vehicle).  The screws on the nozzle shroud may or may not be standard.  The shroud and fins also seem to be unusually oriented relative to the screws of the interstage adapter, indicated also by unused mounting holes in the shroud.

Note the lower stenciled lettering that reads top-down in the photos; it appears that earlier versions of both firing temperature and storage temperature limits were painted over, with only the firing temperature notation updated using the same type of stenciling (you can see some of the old lettering showing through).  I assume that the upper lettering is original and not a simulation of genuine markings for display (museum-quality paint jobs complete with decals usually look a little too “pretty”).

Nike Booster — July 25, 2011

Orion Upper Stage — July 23, 2012

Note:  A few photos depict a similar Orion vehicle without booster.