Iris (1:7.3)

Jess' First Scale Model Project (2002)

This BT-60 based Iris model is Jess’ first scale modeling project. The well-crafted model won third place in C Division Sport Scale at the RAMTEC-10 meet in June 2002.

This is a two-stage model utilizing a D12-0 in the booster and a B6-4 in the upper stage. She has flown it once or twice with an A8-3 in the upper stage.

The most difficult part for Jess to build was the booster with its supporting struts and clustered tube arrangement. The booster uses a stuffer tube with vent holes to facilitate gap staging. The stuffer tube, although non-scale, also makes for a sturdier model.

Future projects may include a Peanut sport scale version based around the BT-20 tube and possibly a Giant scale version in BT-80 size. Anyone who is interested in detailed Iris scale data, see the NAR Technical Services website as well as various drawings and photos on our site.


Left: Jess with her Iris after recovery at RAMTEC-10. The booster streamer deployed nicely, but one of the upperstage chutes did not deploy–two fins broke off on impact. Had everything worked flawlessly, she would have been only 5 points behind me!

Final Flight of the Iris

At ECRM-38 in 2011, Jess flew the Iris for the last time as a fun sport flight.  The upperstage drifted into the tall trees at the edge of the field and could not be recovered.  🙁